Interested in Helping us with Set-Up/Take-down?

Cincy Soccer League was founded in 2017 with the purpose to bring high-quality, club-like experience to the Adult Soccer in Cincinnati. We wanted this to be the home for soccer players who wanted more from a league, so we started this ALL VOLUNTEER non-profit to provide it.

But now we need your help. Because of you, our league is growing - in fact, today it’s 50% larger than we anticipated it would be 18 months ago. The support and love for this league makes us proud to be here for you.

But that means that our all volunteer board needs some more help. For the past 18 months, our 7-person board has shown up an hour before the first game and stayed an hour after the last game. We’ve loved every minute of making this league what it is today, but to grow, we can’t do it alone.

We would greatly appreciate your support in volunteering just to help take-down or set-up for up to 3 nights out of the season. (The more teams that volunteer, the fewer nights we need your support).

Set-up/Take-down takes about 20 minutes, and we’d need about 4 players from your team each night. We’ll do the math for you - 4 players for up to 3 nights, out of 12 players on your team, each player just needs to volunteer once (or more if you’re feeling up to it)!

Logistics - If you sign up to volunteer through your team registration, we will send out a calendar and the number of times we need your help with the schedule for you to select your week(s) to volunteer. We recommend selecting weeks that correspond with your start/end times to make it more convenient for you! We will still have at least one board member present on site to help!

But, to be in line with everything we do, we don’t want to just ask for your help with nothing in return. For teams that help volunteer, we will discount your league fees to $599/season. It matters more to us to have the enjoyable, professional soccer environment than it does to raise fees to hire people to help. And we just want to spend more time with you.

Thank you for considering volunteering your time. Because of you, and our volunteer board, we created something new, and we will continue to show this through everything we do.

How we show our commitment today:

Real Jerseys - because they look good and it’s professional, because our sponsors want to be a part of your experience, and because we care about your stats (goals scored, yellow cards acquired, & featuring you on our social media). You get a number and keep that number throughout your experience with Cincy Soccer League.

Real Soccer Balls - because we care about keeping the game moving. You have 50 minutes to make the most of your time on the field. We’d rather you not spend 5 of those frustrated searching for a ball that’s pumped up. We work to keep the balls pumped up and accessible. Balls are branded with the league, because we want you to feel as much a part of this league as we feel you are. When we realized we were losing our ability to keep these balls in play because balls were going over the fence, we, and the State Association (Oh yeah! We’re nationally affiliated, but we’ll get to that), invested in back-stops to keep the balls in play.

Real Trophies - because you earned it, show it off. We want to give you something you can be proud of, put on your desk at work, display at home. Something worth keeping, because the memories certainly are.

National Affiliation - because we care that you’re insured and have access to secondary insurance. Referees are trained and care about the game like we do, and like you do. The same referees you'll have are the referees that will handle college, USL, and MLS games. We're not kidding. We care that games are not getting out of hand. We care that our players are being respectful on and off the field, and we take this very seriously. We care that silly calls are not being made because someone smaller falls in a head-to-head. Games should be a real, safe, soccer experience. We care that the referee is not checking their phone or eating a granola bar on the sideline (our real experience in other leagues in Cincinnati!) Referees can be and have been assessed based on their performance in Cincy Soccer League.

Real Water - because it’s outdoor, and fountains are not available, we provide ice-cold water for you. Please drink it, even when it’s cold. We care that you stay hydrated. A. You play better, B. You stay healthy.

Real People - because we care about how your team is doing. We care that you are having a quality experience. We care when you’re not having a quality experience. Sure, we get a little snarky sometimes when you’re struggling to win a game (Sorry, Brunch Bunch - we do love you, and are so proud of your win last season!). We care when your team has an upswing, we care when your team is losing their momentum. We care if someone on your team got the wrong jersey, or needs ice. We’re here to laugh with you, celebrate with you, mope with you, and ensure your experience matches why we started this whole thing.

Real Music - OK, maybe it’s not always the best, but there are definitely Easter Egg themes in the music, especially on Championship nights. Have a suggestion for songs? Email us or find one of us on the field (we’re wearing shirts with STAFF on the back, or black branded jackets) and let us know - however, we reserve the right to cut you off if you repeatedly suggest terrible music (just kidding, sort of..).

Real Discounts - because we believe in building friendships, and what better way than by sharing beer/wine/orange juice? We have created a partnership with Growler House that if you come in before or after (hopefully not during) your game wearing your jersey, beer is $4, and pitchers are $12. Also, we’ve heard from experienced players, and we definitely recommend going after, not before, but you do you, just make sure to go!