Cincy Soccer League FAQs:

How many people can be on a team?

Teams will consist of a maximum of twelve (12) players and a minimum of 7 players. We recommend filling your team roster with more than 7 players.

How many women do I need on my team?

Teams will consist of a maximum of twelve (12) players. The team must have at minimum three (3) women on the team roster.

How many women need to be on the field at a time?

No more than seven (7) players may be on the field at any one time. One (1) of the seven (7) players must be designated as the goalie. Of the six (6) remaining players, no more than four (4) may be men. The remaining two (2) must be female or remain unfilled. Therefore, if a team is unable to field two (2) female players, the team must play with less players on the field.

A team must have at minimum four (4) players on the field for the match to start and/or continue. A team that cannot field the minimum number of players will forfeit the match.  

How does being a Free Agent work?

You can fill out the interest form here. The registration fee for Free Agents is $75. If you aren’t placed by the start of the season we will refund your registration fee.

Teams who take on free agents will receive a discount off their overall team fee.